Pure, Potent, Honest

DeltaCann strives to be a leader in developing superior cannabis oils. We’ve designed a unique distillation process targeted specifically for cannabis extraction.

Utilizing biodynamic farming and lab technologies found in modern medicine, we create our own formulations to serve the greater good of our patients and customers. Our beliefs are deeply rooted in providing people with the highest quality product available, and being able to iterate on that product by listening to our customers, what they experience, and how they feel.

Using only artisanal, locally-sourced, pesticide-free cannabis, and just the right amount of heat and pressure (but no solvents), we capture only the cannabinoids and best terpenes from the plant itself. Learn more about our research and development.

We choose to be the leaders in an industry that we care about. We made this choice long ago by testing our products before it was required, making eco-conscious decisions regarding how we package our products, and being at the forefront of new technologies that let us develop these products so that we can continue helping people every day.

Pure. Potent. Honest. That's the DeltaCann way.

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